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We are very impressed with the quality and temperament of the progeny of Mark and Joanne’s young stallion, ‘Willdraft Jet’,(Soda Justice X Ocean Midnight) and have joined a number of our mares to him during 2013 through to 2016. We conducted an intensive embryo program with Nandeye Reflect to Acres Destiny with the result that 3 colts were produced and one lovely filly. All progeny are very impressive under saddle, with 2 geldings now sold and a filly being campaigned by Michael Wilson and a colt Nandeye Deflect retained by Mark Field in his Ocean stud. Kate Day purchased Nandeye Reaction and Ebony Lodge Vic. bought Nandeye Destinys Reflex at the 2016 Landmark Sale. A very athletic filly by Whos Top Cat  from K.S. Teal was also sold at Landmark Breana Field again did an excellent job of preparing youngsters for the 2016 Landmark sale.

The colt Nandeye Echo was sold in 2014 to Ryan and Sharleen Flanagan and then last year they bought his dam Nandeye Image (X Adios Reflect) with a quality bay filly by N. Reaction and rejoined to Soda Justice.  K. S. Teal, with a quality black filly by Willdraft Jet and positive test to One Moore Playboy  brought the top price broodmare at the 2015 Landmark Toowoomba Sale, sold to Jason Fry. A gelding by Tassa Lena from Regal was sold to Julie Bird from down south of the state.
I have retained two fillies by Soda Justice from Nandeye Reflect and her Acres Destiny filly plus another filly by Conman from Reflects’s full sister Nandeye Replay. A  very impressive filly that is show quality from Casuarina by Jet has been broken in by Bree Field and the decision has been made to retain her in the stsud. Another mare by Knights Nicholas from Reflect is being brought into our broodmare program to join Capri, Replay and Reflect.

We have a smaller consignment of foals this year due to the challenges of unrelenting drought over the past three years and the tragic death of our beloved studmaster Malcolm in March 2014. Capri produced a colt foal to K. S. Contender and Reflect also had a Soda Justice colt. Ocean Dawn and Tecoma Casuarina are now residing with Mark and his Ocean Stud horses up at Mingoola and Casuarina has been joined to Hazelwood Conman and Dawn to Hazelwood Mantic.

I have been downsizing the stud’s breeding herd with a small component of treasured mares retained in the breeding program as a tribute to Malcolm as I know that he would want me and the family to continue the tradition that started with his great grandfather in 1911 and we wish to honour his memory and passion.  

We are hoping for a continued improvement in the seasonal conditions and we hope you enjoy a visit to our website and best wishes to all members for a successful year of competition and breeding in the 2016 season.

Welcome to Nandeye ASH Stud

The Nandeye Stock Horse Stud commenced shortly after the formation of the
Australian Stock Horse Society in the 1970’s. The Field Family have been breeding Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred cross stock horses for a number of years. Malcolm Field’s grandfather Ab Field was a racing enthusiast and he also bred a number of cavalry remounts. In 1911, he purchased the Thoroughbred horse Ocean Blue who was second in the Sydney Cup of that year and he used this stallion as a foundation sire in his breeding program.

Malcolm inherited some of the mares from this bloodline from his father Bill Field and these were joined to a local T.B. stallion Bronze Bull whose sire was The Bullseye, a well-known sire of successful campdrafters. William Field a great-great-grandfather of Malcolm had one of the first land grants in the Coonabarabran district which he called ‘Nandi’ and this name with its adapted spelling ‘Nandeye’was the catalyst for Malcolm’s ASH prefix when a number of the Field mares were classified into the stud book of the Australian Stock Horse Society.


Malcolm joined two of his polocrosse mares with Bullseye bloodlines to Paleroo Peter (Dimray X Why Not) and was fortunate to get two fillies from this mating. One of the first purchases as a foundation sire for the stud was the young colt, Tufrey’s Cadman by Chan’s Son from the Tufrey family at Rocky Creek Later a mare with Newtown Wonder bloodlines was purchased and joined to Tufreys Cadman, with the resultant progeny, the colt Nandeye Fernando, being a successful show stallion. During the early 1980’s, Strathmua Saphire by Elliots Creek Cadet and a granddaughter of Abbey, was purchased from Phillip Kirkby, proving to be a brilliant polocrosse mount for Mark Field and following her retirement was joined to the now legendary Warrenbri Romeo. These matings produced two colts Ocean Demise and Ocean Wave and another colt Ocean River Oak was the result of joining Saphire to Docs Freckles Oak.


Mark Field married in 1990 and he and his wife Joanne started their own Australian Stock Horse Stud using the prefix ‘Ocean’ in memory of the stallion Ocean Blue who had belonged to Mark’s great-grandfather. Mark broke in Ocean Wave at 16 months and was so impressed with his athleticism and ability that he retained him as the foundation sire in his newly formed stud together with the Cecil Bruce Mare, Corumbene Jude. Mares within Nandeye Stud and their resultant progeny continued to be joined to outside successful competition horses as well as the home-grown sires. At the beginning of the 1990’s, while looking for a future show mare, Judy Field purchased a quality grey yearling filly, Yarramine Robyn, (X Yarramine Swagman) from Richard Folpp at the Hunter Branch sale at Scone and this filly was to become a very well-performed show mare and together with Saphire one of the most significant broodmares in the stud for the Field Family as she was the dam of Regal, Replay and the highly successful Reflect, Lace, and Resistance, the current stud sire. Mares with successful bloodlines continued to be acquired for the stud at various sales, including Tecoma Casuarina, a mare by Docs Freckles Oak with Regal bloodlines on her dam’s side purchased at Dalby in 1999. She was joined by AI to Warrenbri Romeo to produce Ocean Blue and a number of Nandeye mares have also been joined to this young sire.

The Field Family were devastated when Ocean Wave died very suddenly at 6 years of age on 1st June 1999 at the peak of his career, with the only consolation being an amount of frozen semen having been stored. The Field Family, in partnership with Waymere Stud purchased the Doc Freckles Oak colt, Oaks Ebony at the NCHA sales at Tamworth in 1999 and a number of mares were joined to this young sire while he stood for a period at Nandeye Stud, as well as Ocean River Oak. Progeny from the above stallions as well as foundation broodmares continued to be joined to outside stallions such as Resistol, Acres Destiny, Adios Reflect and Michael Wilson’s well-performed young stallion Soda Justice. Soda Falcon (X Warrenbri Romeo) was also purchased as a yearling from Lindsay & Jan Knight and campaigned for a period and joined to a number of mares prior to being sold on to the Cook Family at Goodiwindi. Nandeye mares have been joined to Resistance to produce quality progeny, a number of these having been sold as yearlings or under saddle at the Landmark sale at Tamworth. With the untimely death of Resistance as the result of a tragic accident occurring on 10th February 2011, a small number of his fillies will be retained in the stud as future broodmares. Our bad luck with stallions has continued with Mark losing his stallion Ocean Blue to snakebite in the paddock with his mares and we had to ‘put down’ our lovely tempered Conman colt due to a bad injury.

Years of selective breeding have provided success for the stud with a number of the resulting progeny consistently winning led classes in the showring and being campaigned very successfully under saddle by Michael Wilson and Jan Smith. One of the most successful has been the highly decorated Nandeye Reflect, a winner of 2003 National Maturity and a recipient of Prince of Wales Award. Reflect has produced progeny by Knights Nicholas for Nandeye Stud and by Soda Justice for Willdraft and Nandeye Studs with Willdraft Reflection winning the prestigious Cloncurry Challenge in 2010 as well as campdrafts. Reflect was joined to the Hall Family’s successful young campdrafting stallion Conman to produce the colt Nandeye Connect, which sadly was ‘put down’ due to injury. Reflect’s full sister, Nandeye Replay has produced a quality filly to Soda Justice  which was sold on at the Landmark Classic Sale and Reflect was in an embryo transfer program to the great sire Acres Destiny resulting in progeny of three colts and one lovely filly. We have also been fortunate to get a lovely filly from Casuarina by Justice and a sweet filly by Boorie Creek Flying Minstrel from Ocean Dawn..Both .these fillies were sold on at the 2014 Fountain of Youth sale, while Soda Highlights (X Romeo) with her Contender filly was sold at the 2014 Toowoomba Landmark sale.


K.S. Teal produced an attractive Who’s Top Cat filly, and Regal an impressive colt with lots of chrome to Tassa Lena..  Image had a colt ‘Nandeye Echo’ by Booerie Creek Flying Minstril and this was sold on to Ryan & Sharleen Flanagan and has performed well in the showring for them. We were delighted that Replay has produced a filly to the great stallion Conman. Some of our mares Tecoma Casuarina and Ocean Dawn have produced foals to Mark’s impressive young stallion ‘ Willdraft Jet’ (Soda Justice X Ocean Midnight) while a number of our mares were joined in 2013/14 to Jet and the young colt Nandeye Reaction.   We had a disaster when our dear old Regal became very depressed prior to the birth of her lovely Jet filly in December 2014 and I had to intervene and save the filly while the vet was on the way. This tiny equine had an amazing spirit to live. Very sadly, the outcome was that we lost Regal but little baby Regal survived well on a nanny mare for Glenn and Kim Frazer.


Two older mares Ocean Dawn and Tecoma Casuarina are now residing at Ocean Stud and both produced fillies in 2014, while Capri had a Reaction colt, now gelded. Kirkby’s Stud Teal was sold in 2015 with an attractive black filly by Mark Field’s Willdraft Jet and back in foal to One Moore Playboy and proved to be the top-priced broodmare at the Toowoomba Landmark sale when sold to Jason Fry. Another mare Nandeye Image (X Adios Reflect) with a Reaction filly “Nandeye Reveal) and joined to Soda Justice was also sold to Ryan and Sharleen Flanagan. We have a smaller consignment of foals this year as reported in our Stud news. Capri and Memories produced quality colt foals by the colt Nandeye Reaction (Acres Destiny X Nandeye Reflect), whileTooccare Hill T.B. mare has a well-grown bay filly also by Jet.  Currently we have retained 2 fillies by Soda Justice from  Reflect, and also her Acres Destiny filly which is being campaigned by Michael Wilson with his draft of horses. We have also broken in and retained a filly by Conman out of Nandeye Replay, a full sister to Reflect. The decision has also been made to retain the lovely quality brown filly Nandeye Jetuarina by Willdraft Jet out of old Tecoma Casuarina as Breana Field has broken her in and reports that she is very impressive.under saddle. Our Tassa  Lena gelding was sold to Julie Bird late in 2014 and another gelding from Capri by Connect also went south when sold to Lachie Simm. Two colt foals by Acres Destiny out of Reflect were gelded and proved to be impressive under saddle and one Nandeye Reaction recently sold to Kate Day while the other gelding Nandeye Destinys Reflex which was prepared and presented by Breana Field was sold to Ebony Lodge Vic. at the 2016 Landmark Classic Sale and Nandeye Catbird, (X Whos Top Cat) was also presented and sold at the Landmark sale by Breana Field. Breana has also overseen the breaking in of N. Jetarina (Willdraft Jet X Tecoma Casuarina), N. Just Regard (Soda Justice X Nandeye Reflect, N. Reconcile (Hazelwood Conman x Nandeye Replay).


We had a small foaling in 2015/16 when Capri produced a colt to K.S. Contender, while Reflect had a Soda Justice colt foal while being looked after at Willdraft Stud. Tecoma Casuarina has a positive test to Conman and Ocean Dawn is positive to Hazelwood Mantic to foal in 2016 breeding season.and there are plans to join Nandeye Respect to Millionnic Chic and Nandeye Replay to One Moore Daddy within the next breeding season. Currently Mark Field has broken in and is currently retaining the youngest bay colt “Nandeye Deflect” by Acres Destiny from Nandeye Reflect and recently took this lovely- natured 2 y.o. fellow to his first show for Far North Coast branch held at Grafton, to win Champion Working 3 and Under and followed this up a couple of weeks later with a win in 3 & Under Challenge at Border Branch Challenge weekend. His full sister Nandeye Destinys Dream is being prepared for the ASHS Nationals by well-known horseman Michael Wilson.


Our Nandeye Stud is going to be downsized following the tragic death of Malcolm. I have relocated north currently to the Mingoola area to be near my family so please note changed contacts. I will retain some of our most treasured mares and the Field Family will continue the breeding program as a tribute to his memory and passion for breeding Australian Stock Horses.


Breeding quality performance horses continues to be a main goal for the Field Family over a time span of a hundred years and with the younger generation of the family demonstrating a keen interest in Australian Stock Horses, the breeding of these heritage horses looks a surety to continue into the 21st Century.



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